They Deserve More


The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the contribution that key workers make to all our lives and has shown what would be lost if they were not there.

In 2021 we worked with the largest UK union UNISON and Krow agency to build pressure on the government to end the public sector pay freeze.

Public sector workers risked everything during the pandemic. They invested vast amounts of physical and emotional effort into putting others first, no matter the cost to themselves.




Donna, care worker

“The most challenging part has been the fake support from our government; they may care about some aspects of healthcare but not all”

After 10 years of spending cuts and austerity, the damage to all the vital services that make our communities strong and resilient, including NHS, social care, schools, policing and local government, is plain to see in all parts of the UK.

As local elections are seen as a bellwether for public sentiment towards the government, we urged people to “Vote for Fair Pay in the May Elections” 2021, in order to build pressure on the government to end their underinvestment in public sector pay.

The online and print campaign was built around powerful black and white imagery featuring key-workers including a hospital porter, teaching assistant, care worker and paramedic. The films featured a voiceover by Mercury Prize winning musician Speech Debelle. 

The campaign drove just under 2 million more views than anticipated at a whopping VTR of 72% on YouTube and Facebook and delivered ads to 2.7 million individuals (reach) at a frequency of 2 million.



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