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By connecting the work of researchers with inventors and innovators, academic publishers, Wiley, are working to help research change the world.

Researchers are from a myriad of diverse backgrounds and they bring unique experiences and perspectives to their work.

However, public perceptions of who researchers are, and what they look like, can be narrow, meaning that the future generation of researchers who can’t see themselves as the stereotypical “scientist,” confined to a library or laboratory, can often be lost to alternative career paths.

Following weeks of our own research and close collaboration with the team at Wiley, we identified three personal stories from people at various stages of their academic journeys.

Ella Gilbert

“What’s the point in doing research if you’re not going to share it in a way that everybody can understand?”

Ella Gilbert

Mark Richards

“Anybody can be a researcher, what I’ve found in my own experience is that they come from all walks of life.”

As guardian to her older brother who has autism, a learning disability and visual impairment, we hear Rashmi’s personal reasons for ensuring that her research is able to make a practical difference and help improve the lives of those with disabilities. We join Ella in the extreme conditions of Antarctica, working to untangle the causes of melting on a specific ice shelf and through Mark and his work at Imperial College London, we observe a fledgling project that he is working on in collaboration with his students where machine learning meets sound system culture.

Mark Richards

Rashmi Becker

“Research is absolutely critical because it provides the evidence base that you need to bring about change in society.”

Rashmi Becker

The three films show the importance of diverse perspectives and leave no doubt that research has an impact on our planet and society.


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