Wiley Rebrand

Branded Content

“I’m really excited that something I’m involved with could change the world… even a little bit”

The problem:

Wiley are the global leader of publishing, education and research. A series of mergers and acquisitions led to a new business proposition to ‘clear the way for seekers of knowledge’. But they had to define and express this through their brand to their most important stakeholders – their geographically disparate staff, many of whom were new to Wiley, who remained siloed by their former corporate identities.
We were asked to create a brand statement that could be expressed over time and across markets that would create emotional engagement and unify the organisation.

“By the very nature of what we do, we are unlocking human potential”

Our solution:

We knew that Wiley products and services – the access they give to a vast depth and breadth of knowledge, research and education – gives their readers the chance to be the best they can be.
Through research we uncovered a real truth – that, although a leader in the field of knowledge, learning and academia, Wiley is an organisation that simply revolves around its people.
So our idea was simple and universally compelling: Wiley make people. People make Wiley.


Our strategy:
We developed a 360 campaign that involved a teaser campaign, the launch of the new brand and 12 months of on-going communications that shone a light on the Wiley staff, their passion and commitment to learning.
An ‘Anthem’ film delivered the launch of the new brand, moving the audience to feel the love; a story that reflects both the integrity and individuals of Wiley. Shooting with numerous employees in locations across the world the film unified its audience whilst celebrating diversity. The outcome was purposeful, authentic and intimate.

Spotlight - Enabling Discovery

“At the end of the day we’re enabling curiosity and I think that is something really special”

This rally cry was sustained through a fun, upbeat and quirky series of short ‘Spotlight’ interviews.
This approach enabled us to capture themes from the new brand strategy through authentic, informal and personal encounters with members of the Wiley organisation.
We filmed, photographed and captured content across the USA, Singapore, Australia, Germany and the UK, delivering emotional engagement through film and a global bank of reportage photography.


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