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Uber 101

“All of us belong to different communities... They help make us who we are.”

As Uber prepared for the relaunch of their community guidelines, they came to us to help develop an authentic approach to showcase communities big and small. With Uber partners - drivers and riders - growing globally it’s imperative to clarify these guidelines so that users feel safe and supported at all times.

We took inspiration from Uber’s diverse users to create a film that reflects how communities come together to support and uplift each other. The things we learn from our own community can inform how we function and behave as part of a larger system. When we understand the rules and expectations of the communities we’re a part of, we thrive within them.

We wanted to show the everyday communities that make us who we are - yoga, friends at a dinner party - and how the small gestures we make within those transfer to the Uber experience. We used the backdrop of our own backyard, NYC, and with a global cast - the most diverse the brand has ever seen - we show the texture of small moments as metaphor for the essence of Uber’s community guidelines.

Through authentic storytelling, we wanted to highlight Uber’s users in the moments when they rely on it the most. Hopefully this film can inspire riders and drivers to observe safe and respectful practices across the Uber platform and beyond.

“Safety and Respect for All.”


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