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Scott Nelson - Alcatel-Lucent

“What we’ve designed is an internet of people.”

After four years of working with Lonelyleap, Alcatel-Lucent, one of the biggest global telecommunications companies in the world, entrusted us with the challenge of crafting a digital experience to host its Annual Review in early 2015.

Our challenge was to show 55,000 employees, customers and stakeholders the power and reach of Alcatel-Lucent’s story. Incredibly, despite its global significance, Alcatel-Lucent’s work and story is largely unknown; yet if it vanished tomorrow, our entire global communications network would never be the same.

Through ten curated stories, we demonstrate the scale of Alcatel-Lucent’s reach, ingenuity, technological prowess and cultural and commercial significance.

C.J. Holt – radio network manager, city of dallas

“Everything we work on is invisible.”

Every Second Counts - Dallas

By giving these stories a human face, our narratives were able to show not only the enormous cultural and commercial impact Alcatel-Lucent has had, but that its success was made possible through the ingenuity, expertise and perseverance of individuals. Filming across Amsterdam, Tanzania, and Dallas, we captured each story with powerful personal testimony.

Tom Allen - Chief Operating Officer of Smile Communications

“If it achieves what I think it will achieve, it will change the shape of the mobile world.”

After crafting each article, we used interactive infographics and photography to extend the stories into a rich digital experience, partnering seamlessly with Make Us Proud to support the website development.

Tom Allen - Chief Operating Officer of Smile Communications

“The hunger for data in Africa is enormous, it’s immense and every day we’re surprised at how much data people use.”

Creating Opportunity for Africa, Tanzania

The finished piece was awarded bronze for Best Use of Online Video and Best Online Annual Report at the 2015 Digital Impact Awards.


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