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Trekking the Khumbu

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Kancha Sherpa

“Tenzing said he would take me with him on the ‘53 Everest expedition... I am the last remaining Sherpa from the expedition. ”

When Google wanted to map the Khumbu region in the foothills of Mount Everest, Nepal, they came to Lonelyleap to help craft a story around the vibrant culture that defines the area. Bolstered by the support of two dedicated NGOs – StoryCycle and The Apa Sherpa Foundation – we captured the pulse of the Sherpa people and the sublime beauty of the Himalayan mountains they call home.

Hello Khumbu
Kancha Sherpa

“It was a three month plan and the peak was scaled successfully... Everyone was thrilled.”

Meet Kancha Sherpa
Kemgon Chompa


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