Kew Gardens

The Future of Taxonomy


The Future of Taxonomy
Bill Baker

“There are hundreds of thousands, millions of different species. How do you pull all that information together?”

Since we knew how to point and speak, our knowledge of plants has constantly expanded – but there’s a problem.

We keep this expanding data stored in botanical journals within academic libraries. So why isn’t there one place to go for anyone to access this collective knowledge? Maybe then we could speed up how we implement the endless benefits of plants around the world.

Kew called on us to help explain a digital revolution taking place within their quiet walls. A small team of their dedicated staff are leading by example and digitising their data to a single online resource. Our job was to put some perspective on the scope of this endeavour.

In order to match our protagonists pioneering spirit, we knew this project called for some new approaches within our ‘Beyond the Gardens’ series. What we present is a stylistically varied film, where the narrative form shifts to suit its content – a mixture of our usual documentary style with more planned and scripted sequences.

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