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“We are all living second to second. We never know what’s going to happen.”

Lonelyleap worked with Get Covered America to craft a series of films for television. Broadcast throughout the US and across various networks, the films highlight those whose lives have been severely affected by their inability to access it in the past.

As part of a campaign encouraging US citizens to sign up for affordable healthcare (made available under new Government reforms), these films tell personal ‘behind the headlines' stories from those whose lives have been severely affected by a lack of such care. Each cares deeply about these fundamental changes to their nation and the impact it will have on those closest to them.

Filmed on location in Miami, we captured powerful interviews in contributors' homes and personal visuals to create short, intimate portraits. Through these portraits, we were able to communicate the importance of available medical care using the emotive stories of real people.

Shemeka’s Story

“I was given a second chance. It makes me look at things a little different.”

Jesse’s Story


Striving for Better


Chris Burkard