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naterpee (instagram user Comment)

“I thought this would make me cry but it’s such an uplifting video. What a lovely idea.”

Whilst many of us love what the National Trust brings to our lives, we don’t really have a clear idea why it does what it does.

A new campaign - ‘These Are The Places That Make Us’ - was created to tackle public perception that places of historic national interest are just ‘a nice a day out’. Its premise was simple: they make us who we are, and their benefits to our wellbeing are far greater than you might think.

The timing of this message couldn’t be more critical. In an increasingly disconnected world, and in the midst of the greatest wellbeing crisis of modern times, protecting our connection with the world around us is arguably more vital now than ever.

Kathy Garner (facebook user comment)

“Well done to Sylvia with the beautiful smile! Hearing Sylvia’s story moved me greatly.”

Sylvia's Story

Lonelyleap’s history of championing authenticity in filmmaking was going to be crucial. If we could pull this off, our audience might just go from being passive day-trippers to passionate brand activists. But we could only get there if we were honest and transparent with them. We needed stories that let real characters shine through. Films that celebrated - not the National Trust itself - but the tangible, human benefits places were having on real people’s emotions and livelihoods. We weren’t advertising the brand; we were letting the benefits speak for themselves.

karenrcline (Instagram user comment)

“This was touching. My father is a farmer. My uncle had lewy body and recently passed away. Love to this farmer.”

Following months of research and close collaboration with the National Trust’s creative team, we identified three real stories of people whose lives had been profoundly touched by one of their places. There was Kevin and Ged - a father and his autistic son who walk the Durham coast 365 days a year; an old age pensioner called Margaret living in Hackney, refusing to conform to the stereotypes of old; and Anne-Marie - founder of a women’s charity in Africa, whose childhood years spent visiting Florence Nightingale’s home changed her entire outlook on life.

Jenny and Don’s Story

melanie woods (facebook user comment)

“I absolutely love this!!! Age means nothing... Fantastic group of young hearted people!!”

Margaret’s Story

mavis pye (facebook user comment)

“This video made me so emotional. It touched my heart. ”

Mal’s Story



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From that initial burst of three Facebook films, a further 12 were commissioned as momentum started to build. To date, the campaign has amassed over 13 million views, 25,000 shares & and 130,000 reactions on social media. Sparking a genuine organic uplift as more and more people are impacted by the stories and continue to share or comment on them, it’s changing the way people feel towards the brand.


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