Motion Graphics and Animation

Alongside our film work we are proud of our motion graphics offer – taking the shared values of our film work and exploring them in animation.

Whether it’s explaining a difficult subject, highlighting and exploring particular detail, creating something visceral and immersive, improving the appeal of something that might be a dry subject, or simply creating something that can’t be achieved in film.

Especially in these uncertain times where filming is limited, straight animation or a combination of animation and archive, user generated content or treated recorded skype interviews offers a solution.

The showreel that follows shows the breadth of animation styles we have produced to date.


Motion Graphics and Animation Showreel

Animation Approaches

Fully Animated

We have a number of ways of using animation and graphics. One approach is to fully animate the film for an immersive experience. Starting by developing a script, storyboard and visual style, once signed off – moving into animation, voice over recording and finally sound design.

Alcatel-Lucent - Tech Symposium

The Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) Tech Symposium film was commissioned to explain ALU efforts in corporate sustainability. The film was a big success with ALU as it helped them communicate the slightly abstract/invisible subject matter of ‘the network’ in ways they couldn’t previously.

Traditional Techniques

Some of our animated films have been created using traditional frame by frame animation techniques, such as hand painting, stop motion and rotoscoping. Its appeal is a very delicate, poetic feel that has a human touch.

Our Oceans by Sylvia Earle

Our Oceans was created by traditional hand drawn animation techniques. Each frame was hand painted with wet materials on paper.

Bloomberg Philanthropies - Road Design

This piece we created for Bloomberg Philanthropies is a strong example of digital rotoscope animation. Some scenes were loosely shot, with the frames being digitally hand rendered over reference footage.

Integrated Graphics

Alongside our film work we sometimes incorporate graphics that appear integrated in the footage. Often shot with the compositing of graphics in mind, the designs are then motion tracked either in 2D or 3D to make them appear in the space of the shot.

Genius Behind - Madeline Lancaster




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