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A Victory of Love


A Victory of Love

“A Victory of Love” is the untold and true story of human courage, hope, and a family's love. Depicted through first-person interviews, family archive, phone messages, diaries, drawings, and reconstruction. It delves deep into a mother's year-long struggle to try and save her family amidst the backdrop of the war in Syria.

Away for one night, Carolyn’s world suddenly falls apart. It is the night her husband and three children are taken from their home by ISIS.

Finding her home destroyed, the only possessions left behind are a small camera and the family home videos. She watches them obsessively as she clings to the memories that now define her world.

But she is told of another video. And through the night she downloads a file revealing her husband, Martin, kneeling in the desert and dressed in orange. In front of him lay three executed men.

“I lost my mind. I entered a different world”

“I remained sitting without uttering a word. It was as if a jug of cold water had been poured over me”

“Martin was speaking Martin is in a film? Send it to me. Send me the film now!”


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