Simon Kreitem

Managing Partner


Simon is a co-founder and the business brain of Lonelyleap. He comes from the explicit world of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking, and brings with him an ability to cut through to the core of any story.

Simon Waldron

Creative Partner


Simon is a co-founder and creative heart of the business. As Creative Director, his strong vision, passion for film, intuitive sense of the best approach for each project and relentless perfectionism drive the creative thinking on all of our independent and corporate work.

Gill Hadley

Head of Operations / Partner


Here from the beginning, Gill is the glue that holds Lonelyleap together and oversees business development, operations and client relationships globally. A trained designer, Gill spent over fifteen years producing award-winning film and photography projects for some of the world's largest brands.

Jeff Taylor

DoP / NY Partner

New York

Jeff is a Partner in the New York office and an accomplished Director of Photography. His dedicated team service the largest of our multi-national client base, while he focuses his craft on capturing cinematic visuals from across the globe.

Sophie Bell

Managing Director, London


Sophie is responsible for implementing Lonelyleap’s strategy, as well as developing partnerships with brands and broadcasters in the pursuit of intelligent storytelling. Her background in factual programming and broadcast media makes her a stickler for integrity, bringing a rigour and professionalism to our documentaries and branded content initiatives.

Jason Harper

Creative Director

New York

Jason made his first documentary experiments in Berlin, joining the New York office after stints in Senegal and Chicago. He leads the creative team in finding and capturing undiscovered stories - often from unexpected places.

Fiz Olajide

Executive Producer

New York

Fiz’s bright and friendly demeanour brings an energy to the office that befits a former commercial producer. With a background in sponsorship and promotions, an astounding ability to juggle parallel projects and to find inventive solutions to briefs, she has opened up new offers for our clients whilst leading our production team in New York.

Joakim Olsson

Technical Director


With his eye firmly on the latest technologies and trends, Joakim manages the technical side of the business. Aside from the hugely demanding role of handling all our technical systems and equipment, he also directs, shoots and edits, making full use of his background in photography, media production and graphic design.

Jo Priest

Senior Creative / Director


Jo has an ability to see any story from the public's perspective, learned while working in broadcast journalism before joining Lonelyleap. Quite how the second tallest member of our team managed to produce an undercover shoot in Mexico for Al-Jazeera in those days is quite beyond us, but it's a huge testament to Jo's desire to unearth the truth of a story.

Anne Hollowday

Executive Producer / Director

New York

Anne dips between producing and directing, overseeing productions as well as leading projects from the creative side. She also heads our digital endeavours working to combine the best of video and the web.

Letisha Tate-Dunning

Senior Producer


A native of New Zealand, Letisha joined Lonelyleap in 2014 after swapping the “coolest capital in the world" for plain old Blighty. Her experience of working across print, digital and film for various advertising and design clients means she brings a brilliant balance of business and creativity to her work.

Abigail Harding

Development Producer


A former agency producer turned documentary producer Abigail has produced on a range of creative features for cinema and TV. She’s worn many hats over the years, from casting to line producing, sales, distribution and new business development. She’s excited to help Lonelyleap explore new areas of creative potential within documentary film.

Ben New

Post-Production Manager


An experienced editor and post-production manager, Ben's assisted across primetime TV shows including ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Master Chef’ as well as cutting, in his own words, “tons of music videos". That experience - coupled with his musical prowess - has instilled in him a creative and lyrical editing style that he brings to projects across the company.

Danny Sturgess

Design & Digital Lead


As a creative designer, Danny brings an eye for editorial design to all of Lonelyleap’s work as part of our in-house creative team. Working across projects including print, motion and digital, as well as pitches and prototypes, he’s got a wardrobe filled with shades of Scandinavian grey and an arsenal of typefaces ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Nicole Perry

Post-Production Manager

New York

Nicole joined Lonelyleap in early 2016 as our Post-Production Manager, bringing over ten years of editing and post management experience from a variety of production companies in New York and Colorado to the role. She works tirelessly to grow the team and keep our post department running smoothly and efficiently.

Najah Weir

Equipment Manager

New York

Najah comes to Lonelyleap with a background of being the primary problem-solver on set and in life. Her streamlined system keeps our equipment - the vehicles of our storytelling - neat and accessible, balancing flexibility with functionality to maximise creativity.

Mike Forshaw



Prior to joining Lonelyleap, several of Mike’s independent films were screened at international film festivals. Now a Creative Lead, he provides a total overview of each project, from conception and development, right through to final cut and delivery.

Ben Hickson

Technical Lead

New York

Ben Hickson is a cringing cameraman who hates website bio jargon. He would rather die than have someone refer to him as a “whizz kid".

Emma Little

Studio Manager


Managing our often-hectic London office is no mean feat but if anyone can do it, it’s Emma. A self-confessed lover of planning and making lists, with a degree in Film and Television Documentary Production and an impressive 7-year run as a cheerleader, Emma keeps us shipshape and in high spirits.

Shaun Spark

Creative / Post


Shaun works across many disciplines in our office. As a creative he is integral in the research, story development and execution of our ideas. With a focus on editing and sound, Shaun understands the importance of storytelling beyond the camera lens.

Cassandra Evanisko

Creative Producer

New York

Cassandra Evanisko is a Creative Producer and Director with a background in live-action commercial production and experimental cinema studies. Having worked with clients like JWT, Wilson, BBDO, Coach, Filippo Berio and Powerbar, Cassandra joined Lonelyleap intent on pushing the boundaries of storytelling and creating films that thrive within varying degrees of financial and logistical constraints.

Michael McCabe

Editor / Camera


Armed with a strong West Yorkshire accent, Michael's calm and considered approach to work makes him the perfect person to support the Lonelyleap post-production team, yielding excellent results. He also brings his formal training in photography and a keen eye for detail to his camerawork on set.

James Varley



James brings his well-grounded, expansive knowledge to the editing suite as a fully-fledged editor. To say that James is passionate about film is an understatement: his encyclopaedic knowledge of cinema is something to be reckoned with.

Stevie Rappa

Associate Producer

New York

One of only two born-and-bred New Yorkers in the office, and native of self-confessed “the best borough” Queens, Stevie brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work at Lonelyleap. After learning the ropes with a BA in Arts Management and Film Studies, Stevie has cut her teeth in film production and is now an invaluable part of our team.

Joey Mastrangelo


New York

Joey is at the helm of our Accounts Team in New York. He's a firm believer in the balance of creativity and financials required by a company like Lonelyleap and enjoys keeping us on track. Joining us from one of New York's largest set design companies where he headed the accounting department, he brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Nicola Harris

Assistant Producer


Nicola joined Lonelyleap as a Development Researcher after spending three years working in various production & development roles at the BBC. Her degree in Broadcast Journalism equips her with a strong editorial eye. She enjoys digging into all aspects of research and works hard to unearth the most compelling stories and characters.

Molly Brass


New York

Molly is a Researcher, working to develop briefs and conduct in-depth research to discover the best stories for our clients. Both her parents are engineers which accounts for how her ordered, systems-oriented brain works; but she's also an art history graduate so can approach projects with both a creative and strategic lens.

Rob Colquhoun

Technical Production Assistant


Working within our tech department, Rob holds the most extensive knowledge of our kit and equipment. Hugely adaptable, he can turn his hand to any task, from research and camera assisting to using his experience in sound design to support the sound department – a perfect place for someone with a passion for modular synths!

Stephen Tyler


New York

Stephen came to Lonelyleap by way of Los Angeles, where he worked in unscripted television development. He’s a key part of the development team, leaving no stone unturned in his search for the best stories for both the New York and London offices.

Adam Norfolk

Junior Designer


Adam’s list of interests bring a fresh and varied approach to his design work. When he’s not in the great outdoors rock climbing or skating, you’ll find him working on his web comic at home with Baron (his cat). With heaps of creative inspiration and experience of working in print and digital formats, Adam’s a versatile and valued member of the design team.

Sara Ickow

Studio Manager

New York

Sara comes to us from the art world, where she most recently spent two years at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, following the completion of her MA in Art History. She is the New York Studio Manager, lending a hand wherever needed in addition to ensuring that we never run out of coffee.

Nathaniel Vidal

Post / Camera

New York

Brooklyn-native Nathaniel came to Lonelyleap by way of SUNY Purchase, where he majored in Cinema Studies. Whilst at college he managed the student-run TV station and interned on a string of TV shows, including 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'. Now he provides invaluable support across the Studio, from processing kit to assistant editing and editing.