Kew Gardens

The Plant Family Tree

Kew Gardens set us the challenge of making taxonomy engaging for a wider audience. The result – the story of Kew's Herbarium and its 7 million dried plant specimens, as told by acclaimed plant scientist and Keeper of Kew's Jodrell Laboratories, Mark Chase.

Carmelo Anthony

IWC Schaffhausen

Lonelyleap worked with 6 time NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony to promote IWC Schaffhausen's line of luxury watches. Shot in New York city, the film gives an insight into Carmelo's lifestyle and his belief in "maintaining the mystery".

Independent Short


Telling a story is the best way to inform, educate and inspire. But how do other people's stories affect and influence your own? In this independent film created with the online archive resource Undiscovered, we set out to show just how a powerful stories can be when you see your own reflected in those around you.


Is it Ben Hur? Avatar maybe? Or perhaps Die Hard? Marked out of 10, Screenplay is an online game that challenges users to decipher film titles contained within 6 weekly animations.


Gear Patrol x Lonelyleap

Two films which take viewers on a journey with Bentley, produced by Lonelyleap in collaboration with male lifestyle publication Gear Patrol. The adverts formed part of a viral campaign, whetting viewers' appetites for the Bentley lifestyle.

Chris Burkard 3

Chris Burkard

Photographer profile

An independent portrait of a photographer who has long-inspired the Lonelyleap team. Our film about Chris Burkard attracted a lot of attention online following a low-key promotional campaign and screenings at film festivals around the world.