The Genius Behind

A series of six films produced for BBC World News that takes a look at the pioneering individuals and teams pushing the frontiers of science and technology. We examine the cutting edge innovations whilst reflecting on the personal motivation and dedication required to create such trailblazing work.


2015 Cinema Ident

Transforming a dilapidated church into a pop-up cinema over the duration of 1 day, we turned a shoot into an authentic gathering of Picturehouse employees and 100 of its members. Lonelyleap worked with the staff and public to capture the essence of a Picturehouse cinema; reaching beyond bricks and mortar and out into the communities it serves.

We produced a series of 9 branded content films for BP to highlight their relationship with their sponsored athletes and their association with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. To promote the films we proactively developed a 60 second teaser to drive audiences to the content online and further the reach of the campaign.


Rog Walker Documentary

Photography is Rog Walker's most organic form of communication. His work creates an intimate and heartfelt glimpse into the lives of his subjects and their environments. In partnership with VSCO, Lonelyleap made the following mini-documentary about his incredible work.

Since we knew how to point and speak, our knowledge of plants has constantly expanded - but there’s a problem. We keep this expanding data stored in botanical journals within academic libraries. So why isn’t there one place to go for anyone to access this collective knowledge? Maybe then we could speed up how we implement the endless benefits of plants around the world.


Gear Patrol x Lonelyleap

In collaboration with Gear Patrol, we produced a film that celebrates the speed, skill and power of the Ferrari 458 Italia through the team of engineering masters that lies behind the supercar.

Science Museum

We Engineer Film

Meet real-life engineers making faster racing yachts, safer houses and smarter prosthetics.

Independent Short


Telling a story is the best way to inform, educate and inspire. But how do other people's stories affect and influence your own? In this independent film created with the online archive resource Undiscovered, we set out to show just how a powerful stories can be when you see your own reflected in those around you.