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“Usually I play the video games and now I can be the one that creates them.”

Computer Science Education Week is an annual event where educators and partners join forces to inspire students to try computer science. wanted to create a film that would celebrate the work of student coders in Chicago Public Schools, in collaboration with Scratch, a creative coding platform for kids, CS4All in Chicago, Chance the Rapper, and his nonprofit SocialWorks.

The CPS student coders created a video game using Scratch that includes their drawings of superhero versions of themselves. We wanted to create a film that felt organic to the world the students created for their game, so we developed an animated video concept that brought their “SuperMe” characters to life. We used hand-drawn animation to imbue the film with style and texture that was authentic to a child’s sense of play and wonder.


In order to further this theme of kid-centric authenticity, we interviewed the students themselves about their superheroes and coding experience, so they could become the film’s narrators. This allowed the film to capture the pride these students had for their work and accomplishments, which we feel echoes the spirit of Computer Science Education Week.

As you’ll see in the video, Chance the Rapper loved the students’ work so much that he named it the “official video game” for his song, “I Love You So Much.”

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