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Screenplay Game

Branded Content

Film4 approached Lonelyleap with the exciting job of promoting sixty of their upcoming ‘Films at Nine’, sponsored by McCains Wedges. The resulting concept was an online game, which challenges the viewer to guess all sixty film titles through clues contained within a series of 6 weekly animations.

Marked out of ten, the final game Screenplay, not only allowed players to interact via social media for help and advice, but also drummed up real conversation and anticipation for each of the films.

Lonelyleap developed the concept of the piece, as well as designed, animated and composed the music for all 6 animations. ‘Screenplay’ created a real buzz around the McCain brand, subtly mixing their brand colours and ethos with famous iconography from well known films.

Screenplay Game


2015 Cinema Ident

IWC Schaffhausen

Carmelo Anthony