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2015 Cinema Ident


Cinema has a profound impact on our lives. But take away the building and what are you left with?

We wanted to show that the essence of a Picturehouse cinema goes beyond bricks and mortar and out into the communities it serves. In the space of a day, we transformed an empty dilapidated chapel into a Picturehouse cinema and invited 100 Picturehouse members from across the country to be involved.

Our focus was to ensure the piece felt authentic and real whilst doing more than simply documenting. Combining the scale and ambition of a commercial shoot with a traditional documentary approach, we cast Picturehouse members and staff, turning a shoot into an authentic gathering of real people. The biggest joy for us was seeing people’s reactions as they entered the space, and with the ident now screening in cinemas, members can see themselves or friends on the big screen for the next year.

2015 Cinema Ident

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