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Meet the Mods

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Jill Kennington

“I was very much of a changing time and sometimes at the time you don’t realise how significant it is.”

In 2014 Lonelyleap worked with Giant Media and Rimmel London to create a 3 part series of mini-documentaries on Mod fashion, style and culture. Each of these films looked at a different part of Mod life, but all stayed true to what Mod is all about – confidence, empowerment and fun.

In episode one, we spoke with girls who have been inspired by the Mod look. This film includes interviews with the Meyer Dancers, Carlotta Cardana a talented portrait photographer; and Whinnie Williams, a singer/songwriter whose music is inspired by the look and sounds of the 60s.

#1 Inspired by Mod
#2 Original Mod
Jill Kennington

“I’m Jill Kennington; I’m a model, I’m a mother, I’m a wife, I’m a photographer and I’m not retiring.”

#3 Modern Mods


Striving for Better


What the Artist Saw