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University of Sussex

12 Stories


Alison Phipps - Reader in Sociology

“Universities need to be what they’re meant to be – forces for progress.”

The University of Sussex is an institution with a distinct philosophy. Based next to Brighton in the UK, Sussex opened its doors in 1961 with the aim to nurture progressive thinkers in an ever-evolving world.

They’ve been doing just that for over 50 years now, providing a home to 5 Nobel Prize winners, an array of successful authors and all manner of alumni who are currently helping shape the world we live in.

So, when the University asked us to help them shed some light on their achievements, we knew it would be a rewarding process. The result is ’12 Stories’, a short film to promote a web and print campaign exploring the depth of research at Sussex. Based around insightful interviews with lecturers and alumni who are making a real impact in their field, we chose to create an experiential journey that captures their moments of inspiration as they happen.

12 Stories

“My research might ultimately help people onto a better path in life.”

We see lecturers engaging with students, refining their research papers, and seeking inspiration from the University’s beautiful architecture, all the while they are thinking aloud. Their eureka moments are written into the surroundings in real time, these great minds leaving their legacy of research within the institution for all of us to soak up.

The unique parameters of developing a film to support pre-existing interviews pushed us into new creative territory. Freed from the time-intensive process of researching and interviewing participants ourselves, our focus could lay squarely on crafting a fluid film-viewing experience, one that feels organic yet curated.

A streamlined pre-production stage allowed us to capture all of our footage and audio in a single day, so what you see in this film is quite literally a ‘day in the life’ portrait of the University of Sussex. Like any other day there, down a dimly lit hallway a lecturer is carving their next research paper in the air.


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